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Written By hima manajemen on Monday, 3 June 2013 | 19:04


1. An empirical analysis of causal relationship between stock market and macroeconomic variables in india
2. an empirical investigation of the causal relationship among monetary variables and equity market returns
3. analyzing the link between stock volatility and volume by a mackey-glass GARCH-type model in korea
4.can money supply predict stock price
5. causal relationship between macro-economic variables and stock market
6. cointegration and causality between stock index and macroeconomic variables in an emerging market
7. corporate governance in islamic financial institution
8.Does Trading Volume really explain Stock returns Volatility
9. electronic education report
10. e-Proceedings
11. european economics ethics research
12. forecasting capital flows
13. heterogeneous market effects on stock return, volatility, and trading volume in united states and brazil
14. international determinants of stock market performance in china
15. Is There Long Run Relationship Between Stock Prices and Monetary Variables Evidence from Jamaica
16. liquidity and the dynamic pattern of asset price adjustment
17. Long-run relationship between Islamic stock returns and macroeconomic variables
18.macroeconomic factors and equity prices
19. manager's perception of dividend policy, evidence from companies listed on abu dhabi securities exchange
20. money supply and the implementation of interest rate targets
21. money supply, interest rate, liquidity and share prices
22. oil price risk and emerging stock markets
23. relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock market indices
24. the bivariate GARCH approach to investigating the relation between stock returns, trading volume, and return volatility
25. the relationship between trading volume, returns and volatility, evidence from the greek future markets
26. the relationship between trading volume, volatility, and stock market returns on kuala lumpur stock exchange
27. the usefulnness of earnings and book value for equity valuation to kuwait stock exchange participants
28. value relevance of earnings and book value, evidence from jordan
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